Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions to Stay Productive at Work

Google Chrome is the preferred internet browser of most users today, and if you still aren’t using it, the immense amount of helpful Extensions can revolutionize the way you use the internet and should convince you otherwise. Today we’re going to take a look at five extensions that can help you out in the work environment. Thousands of extensions are available for free, so make sure to check out the Chrome Web Store for more plugins.

A famous website used by many, recently developed their own Chrome Extension to make sharing files as simple and secure as possible. With extremely quick upload times and simple drag and drop controls, there’s a reason this is one of the most downloaded Extensions on the web store. This plugin allows you to instantly share a download link before the file is done uploading, as well as the ability to view the download count and delete it at any time. If you share files this is the Extension for you.


With very split opinions, Adblock is the single most downloaded Extension on the Chrome Web Store. Adblock automatically removes all ads, from every site, for free. This extension is magical, simply download it and browse for eternity without ever seeing another ad, or waiting thirty seconds before watching a video on YouTube. This plugin is completely legal and used by millions every day. It also keeps track of how many ads you’ve blocked since downloading it (I’m at 118,774 blocked ads). If you’re sick of ads and are ready to browse the internet without getting bombarded, Adblock is for you!

Click Dictionary

Used by over one million people, this plugin is the single most useful Extension I’ve downloaded. Click Dictionary allows you to simply click a word and a small box will appear giving the definition. It’s simple, really, and you can seamlessly learn a new word without leaving your page. Be sure to download this super lightweight and useful plugin, you’ll use it way more than you can imagine!

Google Docs

When looking to share and collaborate on documents, Google Docs comes to mind instantly. Google may even power your company and you use Google Drive on a daily basis. This plugin not only extends key features available to those who use Google Docs, but allows a quick shortcut to access your documents instantly. Collaboration is hot in the workplace, so join the movement and start easily collaborating with your co-workers through this Extension!


This critically acclaimed Extension, as seen in the New York Times, Gizmodo, and other new outlets  just released and is already edging towards half a million users! StayFocusd allows you to have an extremely productive day by limiting yourself on the amount of sites you spend on time-wasting websites. Extremely customizable, this Extension allows you to pick and chose even the most minor details to create an extremely productive work environment for yourself. Nearly half a million people are increasing productivity, are you one of them?

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