Meet the Team

Brian Parker

Brian has worked as a recruiter, supervisor, project manager, office director, and client relations manager. He brings all those experiences to bear in his role as the leader of watchLAB.

Brian believes the true value of high quality products and experiences is not found in the craftsmanship, pleasure, and beauty of the products themselves, but in the hard work of the people who made them. This attitude informs his relationship with all of watchLAB’s employees and clients, and drives him to help provide the best overall experience possible.

Brian understands that it requires the combined effort of everyone in the organization to provide a consistent, unified experience for watchLAB’s customers — from bid to goodbye. He aims to create a work environment that fosters creative, talented people to do their best.

Brian lives in the Chicago area with his wife and three children. Born in Nashville, he enjoys good music, good food, and good coffee.

Heather McEneany
Vice President

Heather is used to jumping into situations head first: from sky-diving to mountain climbing to making sure your projects stay smart and on-task and stopping problems before they arise. Between managing studios and raising a toddler, Heather keeps her hands pretty full, but that doesn’t keep her from getting riled up about issues both big and small. Heather is our extra layer of security for everything we do, she’ll be watching out for your projects and for you.

Daphne Hussey
Project Manager

Daphne works great under pressure, juggling all aspects of your project, because she knows, as General George Patton once said, “Pressure makes diamonds.” But when she’s not polishing up your projects, she’s probably home with another gem, her brown tabby, Bijou, or out on the street looking for some incredible dim sum, as long as it’s prepared with quality in mind. Daphne is always working to make sure your projects are up-to-date and accurate.

Andrina Enriquez
Facility Manager, San Francisco

As the Facility Manager in our San Francisco Studios, Andrina uses her analytical mind and empathetic personality to keep watchLAB efficient and friendly. Although she’s well equipped with both Marketing and Sociology degrees, she believes that one’s education should never end and spends her free time learning new fields and skills. Growing up, the beautiful hills of Napa Valley sparked a wanderlust in Andrina. She’s since lived in both Paris and San Francisco, with Japan next up on her travel bucket list.

Stephanie Mahley
Associate Director

Stephanie grew up in Hercules, California, but that doesn’t mean her incredible work ethic is simply a myth. Come into our San Francisco studios and you’ll see just how awesome our resident cheerleader really is. When she’s not working hard to keep you happy, she’s probably using Flipboard to catch up on everything from better business practices to new advances in the scientific community. Stephanie is here to help you and your projects on the go, always with a smile on her face.

Emira Morina
Associate Director

She’s worked her way from the ground up at watchLAB, balancing a handful of different jobs, and Emira’s learned everything about this industry and our company inside and out. When she needs to get in a relaxed state of mind she turns on some house music and gets right back to work. Emira will be here to fill your studies with all the targets you need, no matter how easy or hard they are to find.