Google Zeitgeist “Here’s to 2013″

Google Zeitgeist

“Search On”, are the final words we are left with in the Google Zeitgeist 2013 edition video. So, what will you be searching for in 2014? Take a look back on what we searched for in 2013 below. And for more of the Google Zeitgeist, discover the top 100 searches of 2013 here. Share This […]

“Live Your Dreams” Walter Mitty Trailer

Walter Mitty - Live Your Dreams

20th Century Fox gave Youtube film maker, Casey Neistat $25,000 to make a movie trailer for, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as part of their “Live Your Dreams” marketing campaign. Here’s what he did instead. So as you finalize your budgets for 2014, make sure you set some aside to do some good in the world. […]

Online Communities On The Rise

online communities

According to initial findings in The GRIT Report, online communities top the chart of emerging research methodologies, with 49% of interviewees saying that they are already using this method and another 33% saying that they are considering using online communities. Mobile surveys, social media analytics, text analytics, and big data analytics round out the top […]

New Year Customs Around the World

New Years Traditions

2014 is approaching, so as market researchers and citizens of the world, we here at watchLAB thought we’d share with you a few of the New Year traditions that go on in other parts of the world. infographic via Share This Post Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn E-mail

What Conan O’Brien’s Joyride Can Teach Brands About Guerilla Marketing


If you’re not yet familiar with the ride service, Lyft, Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube have taken it upon themselves to introduce you to the ride sharing app, and have a little bit of fun in the process. While this video might just seem like a great way to waste 9 minutes of […]

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