Majority Report


Imagine a world where you walk down the street with monitors, screens and billboards all yelling your name! Calling to you! Wanting your time! It sounds like the perfect Hollywood dream, right? A study conducted by Ipsos MediaCT and Yahoo found that out of 6,000 respondents, 54% were more engaged by personalized ads. Although it’s […]

Not Just Another Stroll Through the Park


Last Sunday marked the 28th annual AIDS Walk in San Francisco and a few of us from watchLAB joined 20,000 other area residents to support the fight against HIV & AIDS and to help those that are currently living with the disease.  Over $2 million dollars were raised as a result of the walk, proceeds […]

Leave a Message after the “Chirp”


We’re halfway through July, and I’m sure you’re all likewise wondering where the first half of summer has gone. We start the season with plenty of bucket-list plans for campouts, road trips, family BBQs and anything else that allows us to soak in the warmer temps and longer days. But sure enough, time passes far […]

Put Down the Guns, Chicago


In order to slow the endless violence in Chicago there is a reality we all must recognize and one we must all act upon, as well. There is no doubt that the city we live in is one with beautiful architecture and beautiful people, but a dark cloud has encompassed our city for much too long. […]

Nacho Ordinary Fears


Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a horror movie to make my night. I’ll put in the DVD, flip off the lights, and curl up on the couch with a blanket and my German-shepherd, Thor, for protection. My Samsung Galaxy S4 is never far from my side — I’ve got to be able to offer minute-by-minute […]

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