Weekly Reading List: David Fontana


This week on our reading list we have pieces that’ll make you think, a few that’ll make you wonder, and one that might even make you sneeze (if you’re allergic to cats, that is). Here’s what I’ve been reading this week: 1)      The More/Less Paradox: Where Brands and Consumers Collide Found on research., by Jane […]

Weekly Reading List: Heather McEneany


This week we’ve got more than just new reading material, we have a few things you can watch and look at, too, and even one thing you can get up and do(nut) yourself.  Check out everything from the “struggles” of McDonalds to the Galaxy’s favorite couple. Here’s what I’ve been reading this week: 1) McDonald’s Biggest […]

No One Goes to College to do Marketing Research


That’s an overstatement, I know, but there only a handful of Marketing Research programs across the United States, and, according to Quirk’s listing, there are even fewer colleges which offer a Bachelor’s degree in the field. In a country with roughly 4,599 degree granting institutions that’s a scary reality. In my last piece, I mentioned […]

Weekly Reading List: David Fontana


We’ve got everything from why we should leave behind “Millennials,” how collaborating can change the world (or at least start to), the brands that make you want to sit down on a carpet and hear your favorite story read aloud, the new kids in school (Generation Z coming at you), and Steve Jobs, his attention […]

Branding Melville: Shame On We

young woman looking into a mirror

There’s a new clothing brand vying for a place in teen girls’ closets, and it’s causing quite an outrage. Brandy Melville, the store that only sells one size: Small. And teens? They love it, of course. The first I heard of this store was yesterday, scrolling through my Huffington Post news feed. I was immediately […]

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