#MRX Twitter Round Up

Here’s the best #MRX content we’ve found on twitter recently. Enjoy! Smart researchers read a lot. Here are 7 books every #MRX pro needs in his or her library: http://t.co/FQoWm6AV1W pic.twitter.com/K88V1wYoAi — Vision Critical (@visioncritical) July 22, 2015 Influence & expectations of consumers has reached new heights – http://t.co/AOM2QoQKj4 @fabinuk @LithiumTech #cx #mrx pic.twitter.com/xim537nwVK — […]

The Secrets to Online Board Success

Online boards offer many advantages, from a deeper line of questioning over an extended time frame to a widened geographical reach to minimal travel and overhead costs. But what appears to be a straight-forward approach on paper can quickly spiral into uncontrolled territory if potential problems aren’t anticipated and planned for. Having worked on a […]

What We’re Watching: Long Weekend Edition

It’s almost time for the 4th of July, so we’re posting our weekly videos a day early. Here’s what we’re watching: First, 15 seconds of relaxation. (It’s got to be good to be a turtle.) Up next: Amy Poehler repurposes everyday objects. Third: The Verge explains why last week’s E3 was the best in years. […]

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