Apple Announcement Round-Up


Apple had their fall press event yesterday, where they announced a number of new or refreshed products.

In the tablet arena, they announced the new iPad Pro, a 12.9″ iPad that is compatible with two new accessories: the Apple Pencil and a new external keyboard.

The new Apple TV boasts upgraded hardware and a new remote that accepts Multi-Touch input and understands complicated voice commands through Siri.

Finally, the newest iPhones. They crammed a ton of features into their newest handsets, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. As with every “s” year, they provided performance increases in camera and overall speed in lieu of a hardware refresh. But the focus this year was on a new feature called “3D touch”— a thankfully-renamed version of the “Force Touch” feature that debuted on the Apple Watch.

You can watch the entire keynote on Apple’s website.

There are some other big keynotes coming up from other companies later in the year, and we’ll recap those as well.

What are your thoughts on Apple’s announcements? Let us know in the comments.

Blake Chastain

Blake Chastain

IT/Media Specialist at watchLAB
Blake Chastain is a writer and marketer. His obsessions are media, technology, and video games. Blake lives in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and daughter.
Blake Chastain

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