Are You Irresistible?


I recently stumbled upon a research article that I just had to read because the title seemed so far-reaching — TNS claims to have “Unlocked: the secret of irresistibility.” It led with the idea that a research firm had created a quotient which they both marketed to their clients, as well as, by which they ranked them. In essence it seemed they were creating market demand for something that was potentially irrelevant.

Upon a deeper read, however, this article gave me pause to think . . . where does my company fit within this quotient, based on these 8 tenets of “irresistibility?”  The article is written from a perspective of an organization, but these same principles could be applied to the individual. Per the Fast Company write-up from a few years back, “The Brand Called You”, we should all be thinking every day about what we are projecting to the outside world, about our capabilities and our market differentiators.  Both articles are honing in on that pivotal question that helps market you (or your company) to the outside world: what makes you different?

Here are the 8 drivers of irresistibility that TNS identified:

  1. Know-how
  2. Momentum
  3. Differentiation
  4. Emotion
  5. Symbolism
  6. Nexus
  7. Alignment
  8. Unity

For more on definitions of these eight attributes, you can reference the full article. I would encourage you to read through the definitions — there’s some interesting insight packed into some of these.

Though these terms may seem amorphous and TNS’ concept of an Irresistibility Quotient (IQ) may seem a bit didactic, many of the eight attributes do matter in the marketplace, in terms of what you are projecting — and what your peers and clients perceive as a result.  What differentiates you in your respective field?  Do you inspire those around you with the verve and emotion you bring to conversations and to your daily duties?  Are you consistent with how you present your skills and capabilities to those around you?  Does your prior experience in your respective field instill confidence in your credibility?

All these seemingly disparate and unconnected items actually do add up to the holistic perception of what you bring to the table — who are you in the big scheme of things? Are you presenting yourself consistently across all these fronts to convey your brand to others?

Greg Stevens

Greg Stevens

Senior Director, Research Services at watchLAB
When he's not touring as a rock drummer in a band, Greg likes to travel internationally and get into quirky adventures — ask him about his motorcycle trip across Cambodia without a map. Greg has project-managed over a thousand domestic and global qualitative and quantitative engagements over the past 15 years. He graduated from Emory University with a degree in Soviet History and Russian Language.
Greg Stevens

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