The Automated Thanking Machine: When A Bank Gives Back

Td-WallWash3What if instead of just holding your money, banks actually gave you something back? I’m not talking about that 0.001% interest rate we have nowadays where you’re money actually grows more when stuffed under your mattress than when sitting inside the fancy bank vaults. I’m talking about bonafide givebacks from your bank: flowers, cards, gadgets, first-pitches, tickets, toys, cash-money, trips to Disney Land (all the really important things in life)!

It sounds preposterous, I know. But that’s not what they thought over at TD Canada Trust. Take a look at how one bank makes something so mundane, so ordinary, so boring, come to life — almost literally:

Maybe TD should have the slogan, “Where Dreams Come True.” For now they’re just running with #TDThanksYou, their slogan in a campaign that asks one simple questions: “How do you show your appreciation to the best customers in the world?”

It is incredible how such simple gestures from a large corporation can make such a profound impact on individuals’ lives. And maybe they’re not simple gestures, but grand ones.  Flying a mother out to see her sick daughter isn’t something that just anyone can know to do, let alone pull off. But not just large corporations or banks can have that impact, even small firms can do it, even you. When was the last time you bought someone a flower? Helped hold open a door? When was the last time you gave back to someone, just to say, “Thank you?”

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to pay a visit to my nearest Automated Thanking Machine. Even if it just turns out to be a regular old, boring ATM, there is still that spark of a chance it could be more, that moment when I’ll be wondering what crazy gift might be waiting behind Door #1. So here’s to hoping this little ditty in content marketing gone right doesn’t start another run on the banks. We all know how that worked out last time.

Blake Chastain

Blake Chastain

IT/Media Specialist at watchLAB
Blake Chastain is a writer and marketer. His obsessions are media, technology, and video games. Blake lives in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and daughter.
Blake Chastain

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