#MRX Twitter Round Up

Here’s the best #MRX content we’ve found on twitter recently. Enjoy! Smart researchers read a lot. Here are 7 books every #MRX pro needs in his or her library: http://t.co/FQoWm6AV1W pic.twitter.com/K88V1wYoAi — Vision Critical (@visioncritical) July 22, 2015 Influence & expectations of consumers has reached new heights – http://t.co/AOM2QoQKj4 @fabinuk @LithiumTech #cx #mrx pic.twitter.com/xim537nwVK — […]

A Taste of Chicago

Spot-on recruiting and facilities with swagger. That’s why you chose watchLAB Chicago. But while you’re here with us, you still need to eat. We hand pick only the best for our clients, and bring the high-end quality and flavor right to your seats in our boutique studios. Check out our menu of new powerhouse restaurants that will […]

The Apple Watch: 21st Century Jewelry

  It’s hard to remember a world without smartphones, but their current iteration has only been around for eight years. It’s remarkable, really. After the debut of the iPhone in 2007, it took less than 10 years for most of us to begin carrying supercomputers in our pockets. Our smartphones have an always-on internet connection, […]

Millennials Changing
the Face of How We Work


A lot is said about the latest generation to enter the workforce. The Millennial presence has challenged the status quo, being the first generation to grow up entirely with the Internet and a gamut of 21st century instant-gratification technology. Often snarked on as “the trophy generation,” where there are no losers and everyone gets a […]



#MRX is watchLAB’s weekly round up of some of the best Marketing Research posts from around the twitter-sphere. Add #MRX to your Marketing Research tweets to be considered for next week’s round up. Need a favor? Attaching a sticky note to a request might help according to a new study: http://t.co/BwqMbLMqWe #mrx pic.twitter.com/HPOL7DMTYI — ChadwickMartinBailey […]

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