Here’s a collection of some of the best #MRX posts on Twitter recently, which includes a couple of funny pieces so you can get in the mood for the upcoming three-day weekend. Also, for this week’s round up we used Twitter’s “logged out” experience that they introduced in April. Have you used this feature?  It’s a […]

The Human Element

We’ve automated a lot of our lives. We can have AI help schedule our appointments, unlock our homes remotely, change the color of our lighting on a whim, share our location with friends and loved ones, and so much more. We’ve entrusted many things to the assistance of machines, and we have reaped the benefit. […]

The Secrets to Online Board Success

Online boards offer many advantages, from a deeper line of questioning over an extended time frame to a widened geographical reach to minimal travel and overhead costs. But what appears to be a straight-forward approach on paper can quickly spiral into uncontrolled territory if potential problems aren’t anticipated and planned for. Having worked on a […]

A Taste of Chicago

Spot-on recruiting and facilities with swagger. That’s why you chose watchLAB Chicago. But while you’re here with us, you still need to eat. We hand pick only the best for our clients, and bring the high-end quality and flavor right to your seats in our boutique studios. Check out our menu of new powerhouse restaurants that will […]

What We’re Watching

Family_watching_television_1958 -edit

What We’re Watching is watchLAB‘s weekly rundown of the awesome content our Staff has been watching, reading, and consuming from all over the internet.  Check out our videos, articles, and cool stuff from around the web. What We’re Watching: No Motivates Likes Shia LeBeof Found on YouTube, by Mike Mohamed Top Logos of the World Found on […]

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