Endemico: A Boutique Experience

watchLAB prides itself on offering a boutique experience to our clients. That being said we take inspiration from those that go above and beyond for customer service. Below we explore a boutique experience in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico.


Endemico: Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada B.C.

Besides traveling, one of my biggest passions is discovering unique boutique hotels. A few years ago I stumbled upon a cool hotel in Mexico City called Distrito Capital. After seeing what these boutique hotels had to offer, I made it a goal of mine to stay in all 14 of the Grupo Habita Hotels. Each one has a different and creative concept which is influenced by the neighborhood it lives in. So far I have been to 8, and I am looking forward to discovering the rest.


Endemico had been a dream of mine since it first opened. I finally had the opportunity to venture out there and experience this paradise for myself.

I am all about taking each and every detail in, enjoying it, but also analyzing it. This is the third Grupo Habita hotel I had visited and it was definitely one of my favorites.


Some of the highlights I really enjoyed: Free glass of wine upon arriving, friendliest staff you’ll ever meet, inspiring views, isolated to the point of true relaxation, a fire pit at night, beautiful sunrises every morning, AMAZING food, and no electronic distractions, therefore you truly appreciate everything around you.


Andrea De La Torre

Andrea De La Torre

Recruiter / Client Assistant at watchLAB
At an early stage of her career, Andrea has already lived in Paris, Mexico City, and Chicago. She considers herself a designer, painter, and photographer, even though when she was young she wanted to own an ice cream truck.
Andrea De La Torre

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