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Lenny Murphy and the wonderful folks at Greenbook did an incredible job at the Insight Innovation Exchange in Atlanta. Clients, agencies and suppliers descended upon Midtown for three solid days of content and rich conversations. What was striking to me was the number of technology firms who are trying to find unique ways to offer insights in the MR (Market Research) space.

Anyone who attended the conference is likely still processing all the information that was shared during the show. Consistent themes of innovation and insights were tied together by tech companies born outside of traditional market research. Additionally, virtual reality firms and neuro-marketing/biometrics agencies made strong plays for the deeper consumer insights gathered through non-traditional tools within MR.

At the end of each day, I kept coming to the same question: are we innovative enough in market research? This was even the topic of conversation during a panel discussion led by Niels Schillewaert. Undoubtedly, there are innovations being made in MR. Traditional research paradigms are shifting. Some even argue that these paradigms are collapsing, hence the rise of so many new technologies in our space, but I think this point of view is a stretch.

The real answer to this question is found in what our clients want and need. End clients are typically slow to adopt new technological approaches to research. This does not mean that tried-and-true is the wave of the future. Rather, the challenge is finding ways in which evolving value propositions can be successfully tied to client needs. The bigger challenge can be introducing innovative methodologies that solve fundamental problems and provide real solutions for our clients. Legacy winners of February’s Insight Innovation Exchange Competition in Amsterdam, SocialGlimpz, were present in Atlanta to introduce clients and agencies to a new way of understanding how visuals are the new language of consumers.

Social Glimpz

SocialGlimpz, a firm out of the Bay Area, delivers a Consumer Engagement Management (CEM) platform that offers an innovative means for gathering consumer insights through user generated visual content (video, pictures, Instagram, etc.). In addition to insights, clients are offered an enriched way of engaging consumers through a series of interactive campaigns aimed at increasing brand loyalty, promoting brand awareness and deepening the Company-Customer relationship. SocialGlimpz’s technology analyzes real- time/mobile responses and archived media, providing their clients with a substantially different look at social media platforms and the role they play in consumers’ lives. Revealing narrative structures within visual content is a significant shift in the MR space. There’s lots of social media scraping in MR, but SocialGlimpz is breathing new life into this space.

Jeremy Stabile

Jeremy Stabile

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