Locks of Love

Locks of Love

Traveling is a huge passion of mine. One of my favorite things to see in Paris are the “locks of love”, on the Pont des Arts Bridge. Couples will write their initials on a pad lock, attach the lock to the bridge and throw the key into the river as a symbol of their love and commitment!  This practice has become so popular, that residents from all across the globe (China, Italy, Latvia, Russia, US etc) have come to Paris, and the Pont des Arts Bridge to join in.

Since the bridge is wildly popular, Paris officials are struggling to keep this bridge from crumbling, literally! Recently, police rushed to evacuate the bridge after the weight of these locks were too much for a section of the bridge to handle, causing the railing to collapse. Because of this incident, many residents are protesting the locks to preserve their local landmark.

There’s no better time to travel to Paris and catch this amazing sight before it’s too late!

Melissa Rubio

Melissa Rubio

Associate Director, Chicago at watchLAB
Melissa is a DePaul University grad who has been working in the Market Research industry for over 5 years, and has a background in both qualitative and quantitative medical research. Melissa is a lover of the outdoors and is also an accomplished dancer. In fact, she was even invited to dance for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade as a UDA All-Star.
Melissa Rubio

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