Put Down the Guns, Chicago


In order to slow the endless violence in Chicago there is a reality we all must recognize and one we must all act upon, as well. There is no doubt that the city we live in is one with beautiful architecture and beautiful people, but a dark cloud has encompassed our city for much too long. As with any major metropolis there are violent areas and ones deemed safe and welcoming, however Chicago has been on the top of the charts of the nation’s most violent cities for many years now. Over this past 4th of July holiday weekend it was no different.

As most of us celebrated America’s independence in this wonderful Midwestern town, over the three day Independence Day weekend families all over the city were pulled away from the festivities and affected directly by violence. Chicago’s local Sun Times reported on the breakout of crime over the holiday, mapping out the 82 shootings that occurred in our city over the long weekend, 14 of which became fatal. Although our own studios at watchLAB Chicago were miles away from any of the actual shootings, the people of this city who we represent, research and cater to, weren’t always as lucky. This violence is a trend we’ve seen before as unemployment rates increase, schools close, and the weather gets warmer. Chicagoans need to put their guns down and we all must spread the word about these atrocities in order to save the life of this city and the lives of its people.


One way we can all get involved and make a difference is through Cure Violence: originally founded in Chicago as a non-for-profit organization under the name Cease Fire, Cure Violence has vastly impacted the amount of violence in Chicago neighborhoods. According to their website, city-funded sites have experienced a 75% reduction in shootings. Join the movement through cureviolence.org and help make Chicago safe again. I may just be one person in this teeming city, but I’m a single voice among many when I say, “Put down the guns, Chicago.”

Amir Durakovic

Recruiter at watchLAB
Amir is currently studying advertising and public relations at Depaul University. He has been a Chicago native his entire life and loves the city, even though the weather can be miserable at times. Amir tries to stay active throughout the year playing football and basketball. He hopes to one day travel the world experiencing different cultures and taking in earths beauty.

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2 Comments on “Put Down the Guns, Chicago

  1. What an inspiring article. I am very pleased to hear that such young minds are getting involved into stopping the violence around Chicago.

  2. Im very intrigued that a young man as such as yourself is concerned with the violence in Chicago. You’ve made some very interesting points, however, do you feel as if guns are the solution? I would have to disagree. The root of violence begin in the home with the parents or guardians. Conversely, and on rare occasions, these violent offenders rear from a background of being sheltered as if they were caged animals. I believe that the answer to the violence is in the up-bringing. The solution is for parents to spend more quality time with their children. Go to that childs football or soccer game. Help your girlscout daughter sell the most cookies. More importantly, discipline your children. Escpecially through adolescence. Be the parent that your child admires and holds in high regard. These are the things that would absolutely decrease violence not only in Chicago, but other places plagued with violent related issues.
    As a company, start a metoring program. Dont let your ambition be limited to this article. Be
    bold and a brave pacifist. Make a difference. Start in your classroom, then throughout the whole school. Be that chance that you want to see.
    Peace and Blessings
    Mr. A

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