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Check out our Weekly Reading List for content on what Einstein thinks of Finals, the power of nothingness and time, where Google and cardboard meet, strange waters, and pasta (so much pasta).

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

1) Einstein’s Theory on Knowledgeability

Found on Inc., by Ilan Mochari

It’s “finals season” for students across America and the end of the year is quickly approaching for businesses, too, but maybe that’ll change now that Einstein’s weighing in on the matter. Check out what this young Physicist thought of a typical education system and how it applies to entrepreneurs.

2) “Nothing” never felt so heavy

Found on Intelligence Squared, by Will Gompertz

Performance artist Marina Abromvic reflects on her experience with her recently completed exhibition titled “512 Hours” in which viewers leave all personal items (phones, bags, wallets, etc.) in lockers before entering an empty room containing only a few props, the artist herself, and other audience members. Through her artwork, Abramovic explores notions of “nothingness and time” and she has earned rave reviews for her latest work. This interview in front of a live audience provides a unique look at one of the most interesting artists of our day.

3) Google’s Take on Virtual Reality

Found on Engadget, by Nicole Lee

Cardboard has never looked so good.

4) What makes up 70% of the Earth?

Found on Business Insider, by Lee Billings

Have you ever thought about where all the water on Earth came from? Well, we haven’t figured that out quite yet, but we have marked off another source from where it didn’t come: comets. Click on the link and see just one more thing that space has to offer.

5) The Boiling Point: How one pasta factory changes its ways

Found on NPR


When a pasta factory in Southern Italy is threatened to be closed by its corporate big wigs located in the North, its manager is forced to deal with an issue usually associated with schoolchildren: employee attendance. This story explores the circumstances that encourage (and discourage) work attendance and provides insight into a work culture far different from what we are familiar with in the United States. So, was the manager able to save the factory?  Listen to this thought “appetizing” podcast to find out.

This is watchLAB saying, “Keep on reading, and have a great weekend.”

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One Comment on “Weekly Reading List: Matthew Russo

  1. Nice list! I’ll be checking these out soon. Looking forward to your next post. Cheers!

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