Emotion Aware Google Glass App

Google Glass

Google Glass has been around in limited availability now for almost two years. And while it hasn’t caught on with the masses of the general population, there is a devoted group of developers creating new and interesting apps for GLASS that have amazing possibilities. Emotient Technologies is one company in the research space that has […]

Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions to Stay Productive at Work

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is the preferred internet browser of most users today, and if you still aren’t using it, the immense amount of helpful Extensions can revolutionize the way you use the internet and should convince you otherwise. Today we’re going to take a look at five extensions that can help you out in the work environment. Thousands […]

Google Zeitgeist “Here’s to 2013″

Google Zeitgeist

“Search On”, are the final words we are left with in the Google Zeitgeist 2013 edition video. So, what will you be searching for in 2014? Take a look back on what we searched for in 2013 below. And for more of the Google Zeitgeist, discover the top 100 searches of 2013 here. Share This […]

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