Why we’re asking our employees to Slack


watchLAB has officially dethroned email. That sounds crazy (and maybe it is a little), but it’s exactly what we needed. For years, email has been the king of office communication. While its reign was initially benevolent, it slowly became tyrannical. Checking our inbox became a source of fear and anxiety. Each of us were spending […]

No One Goes to College to do Marketing Research


That’s an overstatement, I know, but there only a handful of Marketing Research programs across the United States, and, according to Quirk’s listing, there are even fewer colleges which offer a Bachelor’s degree in the field. In a country with roughly 4,599 degree granting institutions that’s a scary reality. In my last piece, I mentioned […]

Branding Melville: Shame On We

young woman looking into a mirror

There’s a new clothing brand vying for a place in teen girls’ closets, and it’s causing quite an outrage. Brandy Melville, the store that only sells one size: Small. And teens? They love it, of course. The first I heard of this store was yesterday, scrolling through my Huffington Post news feed. I was immediately […]

Are You Irresistible?


I recently stumbled upon a research article that I just had to read because the title seemed so far-reaching — TNS claims to have “Unlocked: the secret of irresistibility.” It led with the idea that a research firm had created a quotient which they both marketed to their clients, as well as, by which they […]

The Golden Circle – Start With Why

The Golden Circle

Every company can tell you what they do, some companies can tell you how they do it, and how they stand out, but only a select few can tell you why. One of our favorite marketing ideals is known as the Golden Circle, and it explains how the companies who invoke emotion and loyalty towards […]

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