Weekly Reading List: Blake Chastain


This week’s edition of watchLAB‘s Weekly Reading List is tech-oriented: the future of work, how 20% of adults access the internet, the nascent livestreaming battle, the newest security implementations at Snapchat, and the internal development of the Apple Watch. Here’s what I’ve been reading: 1) Why Millennials Understand the Future of Work Better than Anyone Else […]

Weekly Reading List: Jessica Luntz

This week, on watchLAB‘s Reading List, we have the Costanza Principle, how to be less busy, Quokkas, all the junk in our DNA, and a taxi that’s heading to Mars (sort of). Here’s what I’ve been reading: 1) The Costanza Principle: Better Decisions Through Your Inner Contrarian Found on Lifehacker, by Thorin Klosowski Learning to differentiate […]

Weekly Reading List: Blake Chastain

reading list_blake chastain

On this watchLAB‘s Weekly Reading List we have technology you can sleep with, magic, the Oscars broken down like never before, Microsft’s New Groove (Disney’s new block buster?), and some Modest Advice to start off your weekend. Here’s what I’ve been reading: 1) I Tried to Design the Perfect Night’s Sleep. Here’s What Happened. Found on FastCo.Design, […]

Weekly Reading List: David Fontana


watchLAB’s Weekly Reading List is back and ready for action! Check what we’ve been reading this week: everything from the Super bowl to Mr. Rogers, with a few other gems sprinkled in between. Here’s what I’ve been reading: 1) A Different Kind of Super Bowl Shuffle Found on Inc., by Justin Bariso Although nothing will […]

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