The Four Most Popular Big Data Questions

[ReBlog from Greg Mishkin, VP of Research and Consulting at Market Strategies]

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Two thousand and thirteen was the year of Big Data, although not always in a good way. We saw some of the largest privacy breaches in history affect major brands like Target, Facebook and Adobe, as well as government-related snafus (Edward Snowden, the NSA and the Federal Reserve Bank) impact hundreds of millions of people. The public now understands that we are leaving a data trace with every cell phone call we make, website we browse, debit card we swipe and security camera we pass. No matter where you stand on whether our data are being used responsibly, one thing is absolutely clear…

Big Data is everywhere.

In addition to what we leave behind, we willingly offer our data in exchange for valuable benefits:

  • We pay up to $100 to give the government detailed personal information in exchange for faster access through TSA PreCheck lines at the nation’s airports.
  • We install connected thermostats that know when we are home, away and asleep, enabling companies to learn about our daily routines.
  • We wear devices like Google Glass and Fitbit to track and share our activity with friends.
  • And don’t even get me started on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, etc.

With this trend comes an insatiable demand for Big Data analytics. Marketing research used to focus on asking people how satisfied they are with a service or whether they prefer product A or product B. But businesses want to know more about their customers than what they are willing or able to reveal in a survey. Today, businesses want to predict the future, and they are turning to Big Data to feed a new breed of predictive analytics. Here are a few of the questions I hear most frequently from clients…

Q: What is Big Data in simple terms?

Q: If my company is just starting to consider using Big Data in our marketing research, what would be most useful to include?

Q: What about privacy? Are we even allowed to use the data we collect from our customers?

Q. Will Big Data replace surveys?

Answer these questions and more in the full post from Greg Mishkin

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