Tony Gwynn Will Be Missed

Tony Gwynn

I have never been to San Diego and was never a Padre fan but I can’t imagine anyone saying they aren’t a Tony Gwynn fan.

Tony Gwynn had 3,141 hits in his 20 year career and batted .338. No player after World War II has come within 10 points of that average. He was a true ambassador for the game and was known as just a good guy.

I grew up playing baseball and, like many other baseball players, I used chewing tobacco during games. It always seemed like a harmless habit but we all know that’s not the case. Tony publicly blamed his mouth and salivary gland cancer on his long time tobacco use.

As with any tragedy there is public outcry to fix the problem with many people calling for a ban on chewing tobacco in the major leagues. To me, banning things is never the answer — people will always find a way around the rules. But hopefully Tony Gwynn’s death will be a wake-up call to baseballers and all chewing tobacco users to grab a stick of gum.

Brian Parker

Brian Parker

CEO at watchLAB
Brian originally wanted to be an engineer until he encountered his first college physics class. While he can still do math quickly in his head, his real claims to fame are his seafood gumbo from scratch and hopeless addiction to golf.
Brian Parker

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