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What We’re Watching is watchLAB‘s weekly rundown of the awesome content our Staff has been watching, reading, and consuming from all over the internet.  Check out our videos, articles, and cool stuff from around the web.

What We’re Watching:

Something Super Is Coming

Found on CBS

If what you need is a super hero, check out the latest one to join TVs team: Click here to find out more about Supergirl.


Quick! Before they Disappear!

Found on Daily Infographic, by Jasmin

See all the places you need to visit before they literally disappear off the map. No time to delay! Click here.



Turn the Tech Off

Found on Youtube, by Dolmio Australia

What would the world be like if Mothers could turn their family’s technology off?


This is watchLAB saying, “Keep watching and have a good weekend!”

The LAB Staff

The LAB Staff

watchLAB Staff at watchLAB
We are artists and linguists, entrepreneurs and cheerleaders, future Oscar nominees and musicians, full-on-omnivores and pescetarians. We’re Americans and world citizens, travelers and come-back kids. We’re risk-takers and solution-makers. We’re high-fivers. We are sky-divers. And we’re comfortable starting conversations with people from all walks of life.
The LAB Staff

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