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watchLAB is a boutique qualitative market research company that connects our clients with the people who will help them make important business decisions.

Finding the right participants for our clients’ market research studies is the lifeblood of our organization. Study types include focus groups, one-on-one interviews and online Q&A discussions, among others.
We have several immediate openings for a Project Outreach Coordinator. This position is ultimately responsible for ensuring the best possible respondents are booked for and participate in our clients’ studies, in the most cost effective manner possible for our company.

Key Responsibilities:

• Strategically source candidates for upcoming studies across multiple approaches – finding leads online (LinkedIn, Yelp, company web sites, other online directories), networking on social media, approaching community and group leaders for referrals, distributing flyers at relevant locations and using existing company contacts
• Screen both B2B and consumer respondents by phone within the criteria of assigned studies
• Actively make progress on 2-4 projects in any given day
• Be aware of all studies being recruited, and the general criteria needed
• Maintain accuracy and thoroughness of all respondent information and data entry
• Email written project instructions to respondents and follow-up to confirm receipt, compliance and project attendance

Requirements for the position:

• Strategic and resourceful in sourcing the best respondents for each study
• Results-oriented, heads-down worker; must be aggressive in meeting daily goals
• Personable, well-spoken conversationalist
• Self-motivated independent thinker
• Comfortable cold calling and being on phone and in front of a computer for duration of shift, taking/making a high volume of both inbound and outbound calls
• Meticulous attention to details and accuracy
• Proficient in Excel, Word, Google Drive and able to learn to use customized Databases
• At least 2 years’ experience conducting successful cold outreach and networking in some capacity (sales, call center, social work, HR recruiting, etc.)

Brian Parker

Brian Parker

CEO at watchLAB
Brian originally wanted to be an engineer until he encountered his first college physics class. While he can still do math quickly in his head, his real claims to fame are his seafood gumbo from scratch and hopeless addiction to golf.
Brian Parker

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