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This week’s edition of watchLAB‘s Weekly Reading List is tech-oriented: the future of work, how 20% of adults access the internet, the nascent livestreaming battle, the newest security implementations at Snapchat, and the internal development of the Apple Watch.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

1) Why Millennials Understand the Future of Work Better than Anyone Else

Found on Fast Company, by Sara Horowitz

Millennials are adapting quickly — often out of necessity — to new economic realities. “Traditional” careers are supplemented by freelancing, aided by the soft-ties made possible by social networking.

2) One in five American adults uses the internet only on smartphones

Found on Quartz, by Leo Mirani

A new study reveals that a significantly larger portion of the American public is accessing the internet solely through their smartphones. The previous assumption was that this trend was limited to developing countries; this study undermines that belief.

3) Meet Periscope, Twitter’s New Live Video App

Found on BuzzFeed News, by Mat Honan

At SXSW Interactive, a live-streaming app called Meerkat received incredible hype from the tech press. The app allows you to livestream automtically from your phone, and publish a link to your stream directly on twitter. This is not inconsequential–both Foursquare and Twitter received monumental bumps in popularity during and after their debuts at SXSW.

But Meerkat has a new, powerful competitor: Twitter itself.

The live-streaming battle has begun.

4) Snapchat’s Non-Vanishing Message: You Can Trust Us.

Found on Backchannel, by Steven Levy

Snapchat is growing up. They may not like to be characterized as an app for teenagers, but for many people that is exactly the stereotype they have to overcome. To do so, they’ve been adding major features at a regular clip: Stories, SnapCash, and most recently, Discover–a partnership with major brands to develop and release content directly within Snapchat.

Today, Steven Levy reports on several major security enhancements that Snapchat is rolling out, including cutting off access to 3rd party apps and the company’s first-ever transparency report. (As well as some apologies.)

With a $15 billion valuation, anything Snapchat does is worth observing. Even if it ultimately disappears.

5) iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch

Found on Wired, by David Piercei

Everyone’s addicted to checking their phones — and that includes the top design executives at Apple. So they devised an elegant solution to the problem: the Apple Watch.
This watchLAB saying, “Keep reading and have a great weekend!”
Blake Chastain

Blake Chastain

IT/Media Specialist at watchLAB
Blake Chastain is a writer and marketer. His obsessions are media, technology, and video games. Blake lives in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and daughter.
Blake Chastain

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