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This time on the watchLAB Weekly Reading List we have conversations on market research, some good that still exists in the, that state of our music (when all we want to do is just boogie on), some wise words from a sage-entrepreneur, and something a little different you should all check out!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

1) Is Qual Evolving to Extinction?

Found on “Greenbook E-Newsletter,” by Written by Jim Bryson

A question I ask myself daily. Jim has a really interesting take here. Any Qualitative firm worth their salt is chucking the old definition of what qual is and working to engage consumers and clients where they are and adapting as they go. It’s not exactly shooting from the hip but it does involve a lot of working outside comfort zones and forging carefully ahead.

2) Beast Mode turned Good Samaritan 

Found on The Huffington Post, by Ron Dicker

My son’s favorite player is Marshawn Lynch. Not sure what my son likes more, his football prowess or their shared affinity for Skittles, but I ran across this article and as a football fan it was finally good to see a good off-the-field headline for the NFL.

3) $2 Billion and Counting

Found on Spotify Blog, by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek

Whatever side of the Spotify/Taylor Swift battle you are on, I think you have to tip your hat to this post. Really well written. Explains the Spotify side of the argument without feeling really defensive. I love his tone and professionalism. We are doing some polling among our respondent database to see how people feel about this. Hopefully we will have some interesting results to post here soon.

4)  7 Things Warren Buffett Can Teach You About Leadership

Found on Inc., by Travis Wright

Okay, so I think I saw these same words of wisdom from Buffett the last time I was getting a sandwich at Jimmy Johns but I came across this article yesterday and couldn’t help myself. What entrepreneur among us doesn’t have a small man crush on Buffett. I watched a documentary on him a couple months back, really interesting story of hard work and sticking to your formula. Warren Buffet shares words of wisdom from decades of experience, success, and failure.

5) Quirk’s Event

Presented by Quirk’s and Quirk’s Events

So it’s not really reading material here, but watchLAB is really excited about exhibiting at this new event.  Looks like this is going to be a really great event. Don’t miss it!

This is watchLAB saying, “Hurry up and read everything online that you can before Kim Kardashian tries to break the internet again! And have a good weekend.”

Brian Parker

Brian Parker

CEO at watchLAB
Brian originally wanted to be an engineer until he encountered his first college physics class. While he can still do math quickly in his head, his real claims to fame are his seafood gumbo from scratch and hopeless addiction to golf.
Brian Parker

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