On this edition of watchLAB’s Weekly Reading List: we have public speaking at it’s finest, summer is coming, the most educational coffee around, stopping the presses (whatever that means), and dealing with the clock no matter how much their influenced by Dali.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:


1) Public Speaking Your Heart Out

Found on Inc., by Michael Schein

The importance of our how you speak out and why: Don’t just go for the transaction, but give something more than just your words in return.


2) HBO is Coming . . . Now

Found on Bloomberg Business,  by Joshua Brustein

HBO is entering the streaming game (of thrones) and it’s sure to be a major player. Check out an interesting conversation between Charlie Rose and Richard Plepler, Chairman and CEO of HBO, right here.


3) Starbucks University 

Found on Forbes, by Micah Solomon

Starbucks is sending all of it’s employees to college. Well, sort of. Read Solomon’s take on why this is a great move, even if it seems like a big, old waste of money.
4) The Trouble with Unpublishing the News

Found on The Atlantic, by Adrienne LaFrance

With the news so freely accessible wherever we go, it’s easy to see articles disappear, or even change completely. See why LaFrance says that’s a bad thing.


5) Time Management: Simple Steps to a Better Time

“According to a survey by Salary.com, 90% of workers waste at least a half hour each workday, not including lunch or scheduled breaks.”


This is watchLAB is saying, “Keep reading and have a good weekend!”

Blake Chastain

Blake Chastain

IT/Media Specialist at watchLAB
Blake Chastain is a writer and marketer. His obsessions are media, technology, and video games. Blake lives in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and daughter.
Blake Chastain

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