Weekly Reading List: David Fontana


This week on our reading list we have pieces that’ll make you think, a few that’ll make you wonder, and one that might even make you sneeze (if you’re allergic to cats, that is).

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

1)      The More/Less Paradox: Where Brands and Consumers Collide

Found on research., by Jane Bainbridge

An interesting piece about our increasing desire to get, do, and have more for less. While you might feel that it keeps us consumers in the driver’s seat, according to Joseph Staton, the expert in Bainbridge’s piece, it means brands have become even more powerful. He pointed out that there are a “number of global drivers beyond consumers’ control” that are really the root of this change. Find out what those are inside!

2)      National Cat Day Just Got Ubered (Again)

Found on Uber’s The Blog, posted by Jen

Wednesday was National Cat Day, and Uber took full advantage of the opportunity, but in the best way. They drove a little, they gave back a little, and of course, they shared cats a lot. If there hadn’t been such a run on the “cat banks,” we probably would’ve had our very own Uber Kittens in the office.  It wasn’t Uber’s first time pulling this off, but it’s still such a genius way to spike your company’s recognition virally, while still helping society and the planet.

3)      Starbucks Delivers?

Found on USA Todayby Jolie Lee

The world may never be the same. There are definitely some kinks they still need to work out, but overall it could be an incredible way for this popular company to reinvent itself. I wouldn’t mind changing my “to go” order to “come to me” order, especially during the Pumpkin Spice season.

4)      10 Tips for keeping your employees invested in what they do

Found on The Huffington Post, by David Peck

It never hurts to brush up on your leadership skills, whether your managing a firm of 100K+ employees or working in a team of two. Learn David Peck’s Top 10 tips for keeping your team motivated and invested in your company, department, or team (or at least how to stop them from caring less).

5)     Let the Walmart Holiday Shopping Begin . . .

Found on Fortune, by Phil Wahba

I don’t know if I can take an extended shopping season, even if it for the holidays. None the less, Walmart is rolling out with it’s Holiday deals already! Just the first day after Halloween and you can start getting free shipping and discounts galore. Click on the link and learn more about the shopping season that  never has to end.

This is watchLAB saying, “Keep reading, and have a Happy Halloween Weekend.”

Blake Chastain

Blake Chastain

IT/Media Specialist at watchLAB
Blake Chastain is a writer and marketer. His obsessions are media, technology, and video games. Blake lives in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago with his wife and daughter.
Blake Chastain

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