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This week on the watchLAB Weekly Reading List we have some fun and interesting pieces for your consumption: check out the falling sales of economies the world over, enough infographics to last you all of 2015, why barbie’s leaving the meeting behind, the farthest city from your exact location, and something to get your good vibes rolling for the new year!

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

1) Boxing Day Sales: Down for the count? 

Colleagues and I have been speculating the cause of the lackluster Black Friday sales in the US, and now Boxing Day sales in the UK are faring the same fate — perhaps revealing a bigger picture trend in the retail industry.

2)  Infogrpahics Galore!

If you love a good infographic like I do, these will keep you entertained and intrigued through the New Year!

3)  How Business Barbie really get’s it done

It’s interesting that Mattel is blaming Barbie’s 18% sales drop (as well as drops in their other brands) on “boring business meetings” that stifle innovation and creativity. Kudos to Mattel for not simply blaming the product designers, but in taking a hard look at how decisions are made (or inhibited) in their company and working to eliminate roadblocks that may be getting in the way.

4) What’s on the other side of the globe . . . literally

In Krabi, Thailand I met a woman from Michigan (like me) who said she moved to Thailand decades before because it was the farthest place from her hometown of Detroit. I always wondered if this was indeed true, if Krabi was the farthest place from Detroit. This website revealed the answer: No, she’d actually be in Perth, Australia right now. Both lovely places, none the less.

5) Because I said I would: an amazing story of giving back

Alex Sheen made a commitment to volunteer for a new nonprofit each week of 2014. Here’s his story. Talk about inspiration for the new year!

This is watchLAB saying, “Keeping reading and consuming your way into the new year!”

Heather McEneany

Heather McEneany

Vice President at watchLAB
Want to compare notes about the best camp sites in California or how to build an Adirondack chair with just a mitre saw and 2x4s? Give Heather a call. She loves meeting new people and learning about their experiences and ideas (even better if it’s with a craft beer in hand).
Heather McEneany

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