Weekly Reading List: Jessica Luntz


This week, on watchLAB‘s Reading List, we have the Costanza Principle, how to be less busy, Quokkas, all the junk in our DNA, and a taxi that’s heading to Mars (sort of).

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

1) The Costanza Principle: Better Decisions Through Your Inner Contrarian

Found on Lifehacker, by Thorin Klosowski

Learning to differentiate between “feeling right” and “being right” is key: the first a knee-jerk reaction to a situation based on your feelings; the second is a quantifiable truth.


2) Why Is Everyone So Busy? ‘Time Poverty’ and Ways You Can Fight It

Found on The Huffington Post, by Jenny Dearborn

“Start viewing downtime as crucial . . . Power down . . . Make your downtime count . . . Find a passion. Learn an instrument, take a social sabbatical, start foreign language classes, go for a run every day. Do something that recharges your batteries – away from a computer screen.”


3) Could A Quokka Beat A Numbat? Oddsmakers Say Yes

Found on NPR, by Adam Cole

“Who would win if a kangaroo took on a warthog? Or if an orca fought a polar bear?

Yes, Mammal March Madness is here. This year’s tournament features divisions with pygmy animals; mammals shaped by sexual selection; creatures from human folklore; and mammals from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s list of threatened species.

The organizers dive deep into the scientific literature to assess each competitor’s strengths and weakness: their body mass, fight style, armor, weaponry, temperament, and ability to function in different environments. Some chance is incorporated so, just like in basketball, there can be upsets.”


4) Is Most of Our DNA Garbage?

Found on The New York Times, by Carl Zimmer

“Biologists are feuding over the usefulness of our genetic material — and the fundamental sloppiness of life on earth. The blood-drenched slides that pack Gregory’s lab with their giant genomes only make sense, he argues, if we give up thinking about life as always evolving to perfection. To him, junk DNA isn’t a sign of evolution’s failure. It is, instead, evidence of its slow and slovenly triumph.”


5) Taxi to Mars

Found on Vice

“Melissa Ede, a transgender taxi driver from England, is among 1,058 people picked from 200,000 candidates globally for the $6.1 billion Mars One Project.”


This is watchLAB saying, “Keep reading and have a good weekend.”

Jessica Luntz

Client Services Coordinator, Chicago at watchLAB

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