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What We’re Watching is watchLAB‘s weekly rundown of the awesome content our Staff has been watching, reading, and consuming from all over the internet.  Check out our videos, articles, and cool stuff from around the web.

What We’re Watching:

1) Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

What we (and the rest of the Internet) have been watching: the internet exploded with joy this week when the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. And with good reason. Just watch.

So, so good.

2) How to Make Friday the Most Productive Day of the Week

Found on Fast Company, by Laura Vanderkam

Fridays are often “light” days, even if we don’t intend for them to be that way. Laura Vanderkam has several great tips on how to make Friday incredibly productive, while still acknowledging that Friday is the end of our workweek that requires a shift in mentality.


3) The Watch

Found on Asymco, by Horace Deidu

In this post, Horace Deidu of Asymco provides some of his initial thoughts and analysis of the Apple Watch. He believes that the Apple Watch’s timekeeping capabilities are a small facet of its present and future potential. Deidu’s posts, as a general rule, are always worth a read.


4) Italian Man’s Quest to Fix Toilet Led to Amazing Archaeology Discoveries

Found on Gizmodo, by Sarah Zhang

When you live in a city that goes back at least a couple millennia, there can be complications. Sometimes those complications arise in the oddest ways, like when you go to install a new toilet and find “a Messapian tomb, a Roman granary, a Franciscan chapel and even etchings from the Knights Templar.”


5) At the Head of the Pack, HBO Shows the Way Forward

Found on The New York Times, by John Koblin and Emily Steel

This profile of HBO’s current string of successes shines light on how the premium cable network has worked to stay on top in a crowded, competitive market.


This is watchLAB is saying, “Keep watching and have a good weekend!”

The LAB Staff

The LAB Staff

watchLAB Staff at watchLAB
We are artists and linguists, entrepreneurs and cheerleaders, future Oscar nominees and musicians, full-on-omnivores and pescetarians. We’re Americans and world citizens, travelers and come-back kids. We’re risk-takers and solution-makers. We’re high-fivers. We are sky-divers. And we’re comfortable starting conversations with people from all walks of life.
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