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At watchLAB, we are in the business of insights. Normally about brands, consumers, and products, but today we offer up insights on life from a couple of our favorite funny men, Bill Murray and Jim Carrey.

Besides the BBQs and an extra day off work, Memorial Day weekend can find us, even the goof balls, stirred into contemplation. Comic veterans Bill Murray and Jim Carrey were swept away by the spirit of the weekend as well, both offering up some words of wisdom. The first magically appearing at a bachelor party in Charleston, South Carolina, and the latter giving a rousing speech at a college commencement. These men, famous for not taking themselves seriously, offer inspirational lessons on love, determination, soul-seeking, and life in general.

Murray offered this advice on finding, “the one”:

Jim Carrey, who is well known for his comedic chops and zany characters, showed a different side of himself as he delivered the commencement address to the Maharishi University of Management:

Find more of Carrey’s speech here.

Nathan Sivak

Nathan Sivak

Lead Client Assistant at watchLAB
Nate is watchLAB's resident funny guy. If he's not at watchLAB, he is most likely brushing his teeth or listening to the hum of the dishwasher as he contemplates the comforts of domesticity.A proud owner of over sixty sweaters, Nate has nothing to wear for the summer.
Nathan Sivak

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