World Cup 2014: US Soccer Scenarios

This year’s World Cup has been one of the most exciting in the event’s history, and we have yet to get through group play. This US team has a following like none before it with their recent match against Portugal topping the charts for most watched soccer match in US history. Most likely being topped by their upcoming game against Germany. There are a number of scenarios resulting in the US advancing to the round of 16 each one more confusing than the other.

USA Soccer

First scenario: US defeats Germany

This is the simplest scenario. If US defeats Germany they advance regardless of what happens in the Ghana vs. Portugal match.

Second scenario: US Germany draw

Another simple scenario. If there is a draw both teams advance. There has been some suggestion that both teams should plan a draw on purpose so they can both advance to the next round, but neither team agreed to do it.

Third scenario: US loses to Germany

If the US were to lose to Germany, their fate will lie on the outcome of the Ghana vs Portugal match and point differential. Right now the US has a point differential of 1 over Ghana as well as a point differential of 4 over Portugal. This means, in order for Ghana to advance over the US they would have to defeat Portugal. While at the same time doing it with a higher goal differential than 1 (eg. Ghana 2-0 Portugal and Germany 1-0 US). Portugal could also advance but they would have to defeat Ghana by a large amount to cover their 4 goal spread (eg. Portugal 4-0 Ghana and Germany 1-0 US).


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